Persian rock music, Start with artist such as Kourosh Yaghmaii, Habib, Freidoon Foroghy and Farahd. This genre stopped after the Iran revolution. Like the global rock style, the electric guitar is the main instrument of this style. Singers like the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Dave Clark Five, Bill Haley & His Comets had the greatest impact on Iranian rock music.

Persian rock music began with artists like Freidoon Forooghy and Farhad Mehrad in the 1960s (The early days of Beatles). The arrival of international

Persian rock music

Persian rock music

 cassettes in the country made young people familiar with this style. The center of this genre was Tehran and Abadan cafes. You should mention Couchini Restaurant when you want to talk about Persian rock music. There was the place of Rock stars and fans of Rock Music.

. Armenians played an important role in the development of this style

Persian rock music After Iranian Revolution

The constraints of the revolution stopped the growth of Iranian rock music. Rock bands began performing underground after years of hiatus.
During the presidency of Mohammad Khatami, the music scene became more open. Kave Yaghmaii (Son of Kourosh Yaghmaii that mentioned before) was the first rock star who got official music license in Iran for rock. It should be mention that Kave was not as successful as his father was. After him, Kave Afagh and his band (The Ways) were the second singers to receive a license.

Mohsen Namjoo had many innovations in rock style. He is creative, taboo breaking and bold. Mohsen once recited verses from the Qur’an in rock style, which led to his imprisonment. However, he was abroad and the sentence did not carried out. Mohsen Namjoo has also used the poems of classical Iranian poets in this style. Poets like Hafez, Sa’di etc.

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